Parenzee Trial: Verdict on Friday 27 April at 2 PM

Tuesday 24 April 07

At last an update about this case. A letter from Parenzee’s mother was published in the Dissident Action MSN group letting us know that the verdict will be pronounced on Friday next (27 April) at 2PM.

In her letter, Parenzee’s mum makes a few points worth noting:

She thinks her son did not do anything wrong when he did not disclose his status. I respectfully disagree, as Andre obviously thought the hiv diagnostic WAS a big deal, which is precisely why he did not tell his partners about it.

She writes that the only infected girlfriend of the three was also a drug user and “was struck off the nursing record for stealing drugs from one of the hospitals where she was working.” This is pretty much shooting your defence in the foot, since it gives credence to the whole hiv thing which they are denying exists in the first place.

Heart-wrenching stuff nonetheless. Nobody wants to be Andre. Nobody wants to be the mother who has to live with this anguish. Nobody wants to be a hiv partner and feel betrayed either. So, what’s a judge to do? We will find out on Friday.


2 Responses to “Parenzee Trial: Verdict on Friday 27 April at 2 PM”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I “surfed” into this blog, doing a google search on Parenzee. I expected it, based on the title, to be Rebecca Culshaw’s blog. I am surprised that it is not, and not at all like what she would write.

    Good work here, keep it up. You should fill out your blogger profile, and give us a way to write to you other than here in your comments, even if it is an anonymous account.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The complete Files, of not only the judges April 27, 2007 final decision, but also the testimonies leading up to that decision, are logged here:

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