Family Fun with Full-Blown AIDS

Wednesday 6 June 07

Sing along to the The Family Guy, “You Have AIDS”. In this episode, Peter has to break the news to a patient that he has aids… because the doctor just can’t. And frankly, doctors are not the best at breaking this type of news. They are just too damn serious and lack empathy appropriate for the job. From one extreme to the other, do you think the Family Guy went too far?

Family Guy – You’ve Got AIDSWatch the best video clips here Doctor:
“I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’ll let these guys do it!”

You have AIDS.
Yes, you have AIDS.
I hate to tell you, boy, you have AIDS.
You got the AIDS.
You may have caught it when you stuck that filthy needle in here.
Or maybe all that unprotected sex which we hear.
It isn’t clear, but what we’re certain of is that you have AIDS.
Yes, you have AIDS.
Not HIV, but full-blown AIDS.
Be sure that you see that this is not HIV, but full blown AIDS.
Not HIV, but full-blown AIDS.
I’m sorry, I wish it was something less serious, but it’s AIDS.
You’ve got the AIDS.

All we need is an AIDS dance and the loop is looped.