1. You will last longer (and give more pleasure for longer too)
  2. You can have sex without worrying -during or after -about negative consequences.
  3. Helping him put it on can be sexy. Ever tried rolling it down with your teeth? 😉
  4. They are available without prescriptions from anywhere these days.
  5. Coloured, ribbed, flavoured, studded, large, small, sensitive or extra thick… so many more ways to have fun. Oh and some even prolong your erection and add a tingle to your wiggle.
  6. You will show that you care about yourself and that you respect your partner.
  7. You will avoid a whole range of sexually transmitted diseases (they can kill you fast or plague you for a very looong time).
  8. Live longer, have more sex! By staying healthy, you can have sex for many, many more years… Tempting!
  9. By staying healthy, you don’t have to queue in hospitals every month (or more) and pop pills four times a day (or more). You will stay a free man (or woman).
  10. They stop: sperm, bacteria and viruses! Wow! (Better than the stuff you clean your kitchen sink with!?)
  11. When you buy them, you’ll come across as 1) a stud; 2) a smart, safe and sexy stud!
  12. No mess afterwards… Not on you and not around you (do you need a graph here?).
  13. Modern condoms are so-o-o-o sensitive (if you disagree try another brand now!)
  14. Condoms are an effective means of preventing pregnancy.
  15. They are the best way to protect yourself (your partner may not be telling you the whole truth about his or her sexual health or be aware of latent problems).

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