Green Tea Against HIV

Saturday 31 March 07

The latest scientific breakthrough: “Green tea could reduce the risk of becoming infected by HIV.”

It’s to do with flavanoids, of course. Green tea manufacturers are on to something there, just like the hiv drug manufacturers who also claim that their products ‘could’ have an effect (which leaves it open to interpretations that it ‘could’ be snake oil).

In fact in my own lab I established that eating beef burgers ‘could’ reverse aging (as opposed to starvation which causes you to die quicker looking very old indeed).
  1. You will last longer (and give more pleasure for longer too)
  2. You can have sex without worrying -during or after -about negative consequences.
  3. Helping him put it on can be sexy. Ever tried rolling it down with your teeth? đŸ˜‰
  4. They are available without prescriptions from anywhere these days.
  5. Coloured, ribbed, flavoured, studded, large, small, sensitive or extra thick… so many more ways to have fun. Oh and some even prolong your erection and add a tingle to your wiggle.
  6. You will show that you care about yourself and that you respect your partner.
  7. You will avoid a whole range of sexually transmitted diseases (they can kill you fast or plague you for a very looong time).
  8. Live longer, have more sex! By staying healthy, you can have sex for many, many more years… Tempting!
  9. By staying healthy, you don’t have to queue in hospitals every month (or more) and pop pills four times a day (or more). You will stay a free man (or woman).
  10. They stop: sperm, bacteria and viruses! Wow! (Better than the stuff you clean your kitchen sink with!?)
  11. When you buy them, you’ll come across as 1) a stud; 2) a smart, safe and sexy stud!
  12. No mess afterwards… Not on you and not around you (do you need a graph here?).
  13. Modern condoms are so-o-o-o sensitive (if you disagree try another brand now!)
  14. Condoms are an effective means of preventing pregnancy.
  15. They are the best way to protect yourself (your partner may not be telling you the whole truth about his or her sexual health or be aware of latent problems).

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Help Parenzee spread HIV?

Friday 16 March 07

DC Indymedia ask us to Help save Andre Parenzee by sending in some money.

I blogged earlier ahout Parenzee. While I’d love to see this man win his case for the possibilities it would open to the rest of us, on the other hand, I know the profound distress that the people who are sueing him would feel.

Although he seems very confident that hiv does not exist, I believe he should have listened to other people’s opinion. There was a doubt, however slight it may be in some people’s mind, I should think that it would warrant taking precautions.

Better safe than sorry. I want to keep an open mind to both arguments and wait for the judge’s decision.

Surely if someone says you are stupid, you want to prove them wrong. I can’t think of any better reason now to continue with what I set out to achieve.

“HIV sceptics beyond stupid” Robert Gallo
The Supreme Court of South Australia is examining the case of a man accused of infecting partners with HIV. The man’s line of defense consists in saying that “HIV does not exist.”

It is an interesting line of defence to say the least and I am curious to hear what comes out of court. Although I share the views that maybe HIV is not exactly what Gallo ‘et al.’ think it is which makes me somewhat of a HIV sceptics… I’m also a HIV-sceptic sceptic! After all, I still need a satisfying explanation for the deaths of thousands of people over the past 25+ years… Surely, they weren’t all just lifestyle-related deaths, were they?

Anyway, Gallo gave his testimony. Is Gallo the best person to talk about HIV objectively. Sure, he has the experience… But he and his team defined HIV in their own terms which I understand they had to bend the traditional definition of viruses (Koch’s postulates) to make it fit ‘their’ virus.

In other words, Gallo ‘et al.’ have too much to lose to be able to look at HIV in any new way. Besides, if HIV was not what they said it is, then they would have to live with the deaths of thousands, the waste of billions of dollars in research, the mobilisation of people around the world over what may have been the wrong virus.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Tommy Morrison comes back after battling drugs, drink and HIV

Medicine Man is quick to tell us that “Morrison, like Magic Johnson, has been taking HIV drugs and they have worked so well that the disease is more or less in remission.” Which is unverifiable of course, and not what Morrison himself believes.
I want to retest too.

In this 2000 article on CBS the journalist informs us that Morrison is probably no more than a lunatic when it comes to his HIV status. Has history proven him -and everyone- wrong?

The likelihood is that Morrison did contract the virus and there is no false positive. There must be a part of him that knows this. When speaking to Morrison, a fighter I have long admired for his hard punches and courage in the ring, he vacillates between the two opposites, using language that seems to acknowledge he is HIV positive, and verbiage that conversely says he does not have it.

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BBC – Video Nation – HIV by Allan Jordan

In which, said Allan explains how hiv has changed his life and he doesn’t even have moons on his fingers. Someone explain to me since when the moons on your fingers are 1) a sign of health and 2) a symptom of hiv or absence of. I shall start measuring mine. Maybe it was better when I didn’t know.

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Papadopulos-Eleopulos “No link between HIV and AIDS, court told – Breaking News – National – Breaking News”

A follow up to my previous post. This time the defence’s point of view, Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos argued that HIV had never been isolated.

Me, I don’t know. I hope they are right. After all, we have the Berlin patient and Andrew Stimpson to cast doubts on what we are told about some aspects of HIV -and I need to blog about them some time.

So, I don’t know but I am thinking, perhaps if we cast some doubt over the traditional approach to what is killing people so spectacularly, perhaps we will find a new insight. Perhaps all we need is lateral thinking.

Think outside the box, as they say. What have we got to lose? Perhaps invest 5% of the overall HIV budget (or revenue…) into different approaches – see what happens?

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Interesting way of putting things. South Africa’s Treatment Information Group seeks to prosecute the leader of South African Treatment Action Campaign for genocide. The drugs don’t work? UK | Boards

In 1980, Robert Gallo’s first alleged ‘human retrovirus’, ‘HL23V’, was declassified as non-existent. Now ‘HIV ‘ must also be declassified and declared non-existent. No one is ‘HIV positive’.

It is time we set up an AIDS War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague (…).

Hero positif

Saturday 30 December 06

While I do not support Eric Remes’s views on barebacking, I agree with this article published in French on his website.